To be fair, the story about the shop/brand actually goes back a long time ago. I used to be a kid who grew up in the comforting 80's to eventually become a rebellious yet straight-edge teenager in the 90's. All I really cared about at that point in my life was skateboarding, girls & trashy music. Many years later that nostalgic feeling for the past eventually got together in this lifestyle brand, formerly known as Death Shred; it became a reflection of the person I used to be and still am to this very day. I think I might be a typical case of the Peter Pan syndrome. Not to a dramatic extent though, I simply refuse to grow up and try to enjoy every single day as if it's my last. This is also the vision I try to encourage within the brand. A message that, I hope, inspires people to live life to the fullest, on a positive and constructive way. 

You're probably wondering how it all started though. Well, I used to be the vocalist of a hardcore band for almost a decade and during that period I felt I wanted to do something more on a personal and creative level. Being a graphic designer, I developed the brand in 2008 as a little side project and started out with a simple t-shirt which I sold from the back of our van while touring throughout Europe. As time went by, the brand kept on growing and slowly evolved into an international succes with a presence and following in over 30 countries worldwide, with fans like Slash & Duff from Guns N' Roses and even pornstars like Nicole Aniston, August Ames (RIP) & Bonnie Rotten showing their appreciation for the brand.

In 2015 I announced an indefinite hiatus to eventually open up my very own shop called ThrashLife - initially the name of our online lifestyle magazine - a few years later in Leuven (Belgium). After an almost 5 year hiatus and over a decade of experience in the industry, it’s time for a comeback. In the next few years I'll be pushing the boundaries of the shop and will be developing ThrashLife into a global brand again. Staying true to streetwear's original underground character, making small limited drops. That's right, we're taking streetwear back to where it belongs - the streets - and will be causing trouble worldwide all over again.

Stay rad,