ThrashLife is a retail store located in Leuven, Belgium.
Originated in 2018, ThrashLife provides contemporary skateboard- & streetwear, graffiti supplies and books. Brands featured are Alltimers, April, Bronze 56K, Butter Goods, Cash Only, Come Sundown, Dime, Former, Hockey, Last Resort AB, Magenta, Pass~Port, Quartersnacks, Rassvet, Ripndip, Santa Cruz, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Thrasher, Tired, Vans, Volcom, Wasted Paris & Yardsale.

ThrashLife is also a social and creative hot spot in the city where people can meet and share experiences in a positive and constructive way.
With the 'Locals Only' concept, ThrashLife creates a platform to showcase art in its most diverse ways by local - and not so local - creatives by turning the shop into a temporary art gallery. Legendary underground bands such as Brutus and Stake also did exclusive prerelease shows in the shop, all free and prior to their sold out release in Ancienne Belgique (Brussels), through another concept called 'Secret Shows'.