Posted: Oct 01 2020
by: Yves Daniels

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Q & A with Bonnie Rotten

Bonnie doesn't really need an introduction. Not only is she the very first alternative pornstar to win the AVN Female Performer of the Year Award, this tatted stunner is also part of the Death Shred family. Needless to say, she's rad as fuck.

Being born in '93, you entered the adult industry at the age of 18 years old. How did you get into this?
I actually was a stripper and did some pin up modeling. When I did a shoot for a magazine in Cali, I met some people who were in the fetish industry and decided I wanted to get into it which eventually lead to me doing the hardcore porn I do nowadays.

What do you think is a typical misconception about the industry most people have?
That all we do is fuck. I mean, fuckin' is great, we absolutely love and enjoy it but as most people think, it's not always on our mind. We don't always want it. As we fuck a lot for film, it's also hard to do it that much in your personal life.

You're actually the very first alt porn star to win the AVN Female Performer of the Year Award. Did you ever think you would get that far in such a short notice?
I absolutely didn't, it was a very nice surprise. It just feels great to have your work recognized because I do work really hard.

You're even ranked 5th on the list of 10 porn stars who could be the next Jenna Jameson. I bet you'll make it to #1 in no time but who is your absolute favorite, the person you look up to the most in the industry?
I would probably say Asa Akira but I also have a lot of respect for John Stagliano (American entrepreneur, former pornographic actor, producer/director and founder of the Evil Angel pornographic film studio), he created an legendary empire doing what he loves.

What's the difference between sex on and off screen to you?
Well, on screen you are paying a lot more attention to the camera and lighting. Off screen it's all about cummin' haha.

You must get recognized a lot. What's the worst pick up line you've ever heard?
To be honest, I hear a lot of terrible ones haha so I don't know.

Bonnie, you're a 90's kid. Tell us, what was your favorite television show back in the days?
Are You Afraid of the Dark, without a doubt!

Who was your idol back then?
Sadly, Amanda Bynes or Lizzy McGuire.

Let's talk about tattoos. A lot of yours are actually references to horror classics such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Night of The Living Dead, Friday the 13th and Halloween. Which one is your absolute favorite and why?
That would be my Night of the Living Dead tattoo. It means a lot to me as it was my very first tattoo. I also love the fact that it's really detailed. The zombie even has a name, he's called Henry haha.

Where did the idea of your signature tattoo, the spiderwebs around your nipples, actually come from?
Haha, well, me and a girlfriend were actually both going to get boob tattoos. I was the only one who followed through though haha.

When your time as an adult film performer has expired, what do you see yourself doing?
I own a production company called Mental Beauty, Girlfriends Films distributes my movies. I have already shot 3 since february 2014, two of them are out now. So I would like to continue to produce films and travel the world to shoot in amazing places.

And last but not least - we're actually dying to know - what do you like most about Death Shred?
You guys rock! Great products, very creative and different. I know people are going to love it when I'd put it in a movie.

Well, you also rock our world and many others, thanks for this short interview Bonnie.